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The Prestige philosophy

At Prestige, we believe it is our job to proactively propose and provide the very best services for your business. We will always explore and suggest new ideas for you. And if we believe we can do a better job for you, in a different way, or even for a lower price, we will let you know.

Prestige values

Our values make our business strong:

  • We encourage creativity when finding solutions
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We act with integrity and professionalism
  • We treat our clients and colleagues with respect
  • Both individual initiative and teamwork are core to our success

Prestige history

2005 Prestige founded by CEO Ian Kidner, offering storage and fulfilment services.

2006 expansion into the specialist area of archiving and scanning.

2008 strategic move into magazine and publication finishing.

2009 acquisition of Pakfin Logistics re-affirmed Prestige’s commitment to the magazine and publication finishing market.

2011 Prestige acquired e-commerce and fulfilment specialist AASM Ltd (AASM) based in Corby, Northamptonshire.

2013 and beyond, our commitment is to further enhance our product offering in our core areas of e-commerce, finishing, fulfilment, storage and archiving.

23rd June 2014
Prestige Services Group is delighted to announce that it has secured the contract to fulfil orders for the complete range of online shops for The Good Food and Gift Company Ltd The Good Food and Gift offers an online shopping mall experience where customers can purchase superb foods and gifts for all occasions. Gourmelli is devoted to unusual, hard to find, quality ingredients for both professional and amateur cooks to help spice-up and enhance both nouvelle cuisine and traditional down to Earth dishes! You will find a range of eclectic ingredients and foods from around the world that you will not find in your local supermarket; the unusual, the new and the old forgotten ingredients. Danish Foods Helping you get your favourite Danish treats whenever you want them Danish Food Direct helps expats and Danish food lovers all over the UK to get their weekly fix of nutritious and delicious Danish food and drink. That's individuals, other delicatessens, bars and restaurants. Ration Packs 2 Go Whether you are camping, going to a festival or out on manoeuvres, Ration Packs 2 Go will have all the supplies you need to get you through your journey. With over 10 main menu selections the choice is yours and they can cater for any size of party from a single customer to several hundred eager trekkers. With 2 further outlets within their mall - Shop on the Far Side and the No BS Diet Shop, by using our fulfilment services The Good Food and Gift Company can be assured that all of their customers will received their food and drink quickly and efficiently and we very much look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship. Check out their website at
2nd May 2014
Prestige Services Group is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the worldwide fulfilment contract for Jack Nadel International a promotional merchandise supplier and distributor.
11th April 2014
Prestige Services Group Ltd is delighted to be appointed as fulfilment service provider for leading on-line toy seller STORTFORD TOYS. Established in 2010 STORTFORD TOYS are a UK based online toy shop that specialises in highly sought after toys & games. Their aim is to provide the best toys, an excellent service and SAVE customers money. They have established shops on both EBAY and Amazon.Prestige Services Group will be supporting their requirements in both the UK and international markets and commences fulfilment from Monday 7th April 2014