Finishing & Fulfilment

Automated finishing

Prestige has a diverse range of automated finishing services so you get to enjoy faster finishing times and cheaper finishing costs. The Prestige range of automated services is the best in the country and includes:

  • Poly-wrapping
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Flow-wrapping
  • Gluing
  • Cover-mounting
  • Inserting
  • Labelling
  • Collating
  • Strapping
  • Drilling

We can process up to half a million items a day. Come and see for yourself. This capacity helps us to provide you with the best solutions at the most competitive prices. If anyone else can do it better and cheaper, we’d like to know how.


Hand finishing

Large or fragile items and those that require careful handling are dealt with by our large team of specialist finishers who can complete the project by hand. These people are famous for their expertise and TLC.

Check out the Daily Mail video showing how we packed more than a million packets of carrot seeds into the Weekend magazine in just 50 hours. A hundred packers were used to complete this project by hand to a standard beyond that capable from a machine. Sometimes only the human touch will do.

Magazine publishers may produce over-sized or delicate items that need to be bagged with the issue by hand. We are often asked to complete more than 200,000 packs in a few days, and this is a typical request for us. At Prestige we simply get on with the job, taking away our customers’ worries.

When retailers ask us to collate very specific orders for their stores (such as P.O.S. material, promotional gifts etc.) we ensure these are delivered on specific dates to coincide with launch dates or TV advertising.



Magazine inserting
5 station inserter
Magazine inserting
7,500 inserts per hour
Shrink-wrapping & L Sealing
3 shrink-wrappers
3 Flow wrappers
6,000 packs per hour per machine
3 Flow wrappers
Hand and automated feeding
3 Flow wrappers
Gifts up to 70mm
3 Flow wrappers
Plain and printed film
3 glue lines
Permanent & peelable glue
3 glue lines
8 glue heads
3 glue lines
4,000 packs per hour per machine

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